Linked In: Future of biotech in drugs that help nurses

Drugs of the future may have to be developed with parameters in mind that go beyond efficacy, safety and even dosing conveniences. This changing landscape is forced by how much insurance companies are ready to pay for total treatment costs.

As reported by Like Timmerman at Xconomy:

[biotech companies will] also measure things that really count for payers, like length of hospital stays, and—set aside your bowl of Cheerios—how much time it might save nurses from having to clean up vomit.

Longman, the CEO of Real Endpoints and former managing director of Windhover Information, made this point last week during a private dinner at Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel, which was hosted by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He told an anecdote about a biotech CEO who’s developing an oncology medicine that’s somewhat better than the standard of care. Nurses, the CEO said, really like the thing because it doesn’t cause patients to vomit as much as other treatments. That means the nurses save time, and their time can be better spent doing other things. (link)

The article is worth reading in full  if you are interested in the future dynamics of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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