Cheaper individual genome sequencing

While claims of $100 genome sequencing may have been exaggerated or premature, the cost of individual sequencing is certainly coming down. Illumina announced at the Consumer Genetic Conference that they are reducing the cost of their IGS from $48,000 to $19,500. It is even cheaper when purchased for groupps of five or more ($14,500) or when clinically relevant ($9500).

The only draw-back:  no more MacBook containing your genomic information!

As pointed out by Daniel McArthur, this new pricing, made possible by Illumina’s state of the art HiSeq200 instruments, pits them directly against Complete Genomics.

Mathew Harper has a good write-up on the downward spiraling cost of genome sequencing and how it may help cancer patients, including this revealing graphic (orginally presented by Gregory Lucier of Life Technologies):

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